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Best In Services Of Designing Of Poster For Successful Venture Advertising


There are few such companies having specialization of the poster making, where these display formats are large and durable. When Werkz Productions is given the design options for a particular project, we assess the company’s profile and add the necessary details for the printing.

  • Structures and background framing essential

To be strongly fitted, a poster is one of the most essential parts of the designing advertisements. We have the best quality printing canvas for posters and then bring all the necessary equipments like Kaplaine foam board, PVC foam sheet, compress foam board and few other materials, along with Acrylics to paint the designs. Hoisting of these posters is done with care and modern tools, so that now your company’s poster is strongly placed, with the best view possible.

Experience in paper and poster designing - We have been working on poster designing and placement for advertising. At this point, it would be hard for us to look into the aspects of design changes, for which you need to have the best services, especially with people experienced in advertising and promotional campaigns. This kind of posture also becomes an important source for putting forth a good name about the company and its policies. Anything new in need is waiting to be placed in such advertisements, because such posters are designed to keep the name interesting and on top.

Mounting Boards

kapaline foam board

We also provide the following materials to mount your poster:

  • Kapaline foam board
  • Forex board
  • POP foam board
  • Compress foam board
  • PVC foam sheet
  • Acrylics


Poster sizes:
A4 - 297mm x 210mm, A3 - 297mm x 420mm,
A2 - 420mm x 594mm,
A1 - 594mm x 841mm, A0 - 841mm x 1189mm



We also provide capping to protect your foamboard mounted posters from edge lift, dog ears and dents.

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