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Setting Up Pull Up Banner Anywhere For Quick Advertising Solutions

Not every company can afford or require the use of huge wall to floor banner or the huge hoardings. Instead, such companies are nowadays choosing to make permanent or long term advertising solutions. Pull up banner is a kind of large flashy PVC or vinyl printed structure, which is supposed to be stretched upwards to fix on a straight bar, with a strong base. This kind of structure can be placed after it is straightened and elongated, so that it serves the purpose of advertisement at different locations.

Easy working methods with pull up banners – Retractable pull up banner works very simply with spring, so that it goes down or retracts, when the back support is removed. Thereby, this banner is folded and even placed inside a can and carried on the shoulder. The portability of the pull up banner is thence one of the most effective reasons for its popularity in the present day scenario.

Offered positives with pull up banners

  • Immediate set up possible with pull up banners, because they can be pulled up and retracted easily.
  • Possible to be placed in different occasions like trade shows, exhibitions, in front of shops and in different events
  • Since the pull up banners is retractable and pulled up, these are designed with durable materials like PVC and Vinyl and also allow for being folded, without leaving behind crease or foldlines. For this reason, they are very much specific for the stand displays and also for banner advertising.

At Werkzproductions, we have a vast design and sizes of the pull up banners. This helps our customers to choose as per their product advertising needs and for placing at different positions. With the help of such banners, the display gadgets have got versatility and our customers are able to choose from some of the most durable advertising materials for their business.

Model: E-EF
Fast to install, the E-EF model features an elegant silver capping and a cushioned carry bag. Sizes include:

  • (1.6m x 0.6m) and
  • (2.0m x 0.85m)


pull up banner E-EF

The E-EF model comes in 2 sizes:

  • E-EF (1.6m x 0.6m)
  • E-EF (2.0m x 0.85m)


It's quick to setup and it comes with a cushioned carry bag and astylish silver capping.

setup pull up banner

pull up banner package close up of pull up banner

Model: E-EK
(2.15m x 0.85m)

pull up banner (E-EK)

The E-EF model has a stylish flt base in black powder coated finishing. It is self-contained and comes with a padded carrying case. The banner is also easy to setup.


setup pull up banner

This model comes in 1 size.

Print dimensions(W x D):
845mm x 2140mm
(Please bleed 50mm on the top and bottom)

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