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Aesthetic Appeal Of X Banner Advertising Impressing Clients

When business enterprises have plenty of advertising profiles to choose from, it becomes an advantage for them. For this reason, we have stocked different features of advertising at Werkzproductions, so that you can have the choicest ways to put forth your promotional campaigns. In the choices provided by us for your clients, there are some which have the feasibility to be shifted from one place to another, as the situation may demand. X banner is one of the best ways to put forth a strong advertising word, without having to spend a lot and having a permanent fixture. An X banner can be used to advertising new product launches, small pictures, or messages with the help of this beautiful looking profile.

  • Intricately designed X banner for advertising purposes

In the making of the X banner, there is a printed sheet or canvas, which is fixed to a stand shaped in the form of an X. These can be placed on the tables or on the floors and carried from one place to another. This is the biggest advantage of X banner Singapore, so that a number of business enterprises are seeking to utilize them to maximum advantage. Being designed from durable vinyl materials, they are possible to be used in various exhibitions, trade fairs and in outdoor advertising.

  • Aesthetic designs on mind to be used for business establishments

With our X banner Singapore being used outside of the business, it helps in attracting customers, because of the aesthetic appeal. We have resources to design the banners in beautiful designs, with the framework in highly appealing structures. These features make X banners quite popular among business establishments in Singapore, so that we get frequent orders for such items across different kinds of products, making us one among the leading suppliers of X banner advertising.

pull up banner E-EF

Model: E-XF

Size: 1.6m x 0.6m
Weight : 0.35kg
- Lightweight and portable
- Fast & easy to set up
- Low in cost, highly economical and convenient to use

pull up banner (E-EK)

Model: E-XB

Size: 2.0m x 0.8m
Weight : 1.5kg
- Lightweight and portable
- Fast & easy to set up
- Low in cost, highly economical and convenient to use


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