Powerful Visuals And Messages Expressed Through Exhibition Booths

When a company or a service provider sets up the exhibition booth in a trade show or in a congregation, the primary idea is to attract the attention of the visitors. We at Werkz Productions believe in such a concept, but carry forward our principles with the addition of simple and crisp messages through banner. On the whole, we have a holistic approach in exhibition booth design for you, suitable for the particular business that you are having.

Following features marked out in exhibition booth design

Best placement selections in exhibitions – Foremost work that we do in exhibitions is to select a booth that is placed rightly in a trade show or mass exhibition. We make sure that you company is placed among similar competitions, so that the best can be evident in the same crowd. Placement of a booth is extremely essential in an exhibition.

Presenting messages attractively – Expressions of the messages of the products or services are done in the most important manner. For this, we use visually appealing pictures and writing, which can be observed by your clients and customers even from a distance. To give you options, we use tear drop banner, table cloths, neon lighting, light focus and even screen displays.

3D displays – Our experts in board displays can create 3D imagery of the products and services in quick time, place them in your booth at strategic points for visibility and for allowing direct interactivity with the customers.

  • Every effort to have better conversion rate

A wide range of options can be found with our expertise in your booth in the exhibition. All these are directed towards the proper advertisement for your centre, so that the best impressions are created among the visitors to your booth, thereby ensuring the conversion rate to be high.

Take a look at our areas of expertise below:

  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Museums & Permanent Exhibits
  • Window Display
  • Exhibition Booths & Panels
  • Display Showcases
  • 3D Perspective Drawing
  • Events & Promotions
  • Launching Of Products