Weather Resistant Outdoor Hoarding Sticker Singapore For Any Business

Versatility of the advertisement is evident from the large variety of campaigns that are undertaken by a company. We at Werkzproductions help our clients in getting as many advertising profiles as sought and afforded by them. Among these, one of the common methods of promotions is done through hoarding sticker Singapore, manufactured by us. We handle all steps of such an advertising campaign, starting from designing the printing pictures, the printing process itself and the suspension of the hoardings on the specified areas.

Quality advantages offered by hoarding designs in promotional campaigns

When Werkzproductions is provided with the required order, our technical team helps clients in achieving high degree of advantage with their campaigns.

  • Hoarding sticker of large sizes is possible to be designed by us, where we use part constructions to enable a huge hoarding to be designed. These parts are printed separately, so that there will be clear blending of the sticker parts as a whole structure.
  • We then place the hoarding sticker on a platform which is strong and enables the posters to be present on the framework for long time.
  • Most important aspect of our work of hoarding sticker Singapore is the durability of these items. Our fabric used in the process is of high quality to stand for long under the sun, weather rain and does not fade away all through the year. For this reason, we are able to provide high quality finish to the hoarding sticker, which can be used to advertise a number of products.

Lots of companies in Singapore are choosing to go with the hoarding sticker designs as part of their promotional campaigns. This has given people the idea to have hoardings along streets, over buildings and along the walls to place their names, brands and logos specifically for good visibility.